You may feel like you’re officially an adult once you sign up for your employer’s 401(k). But opting to place a certain amount of funds from your paycheck into this account is just the first step in properly saving for your future. Of course, there’s no substitute from individualized financial advice from a certified financial planner or accountant, but at a high level, here are eight things you need to know when it comes to figuring out how to best manage your 401(k) dollars.

1. It’s OK to Keep it Simple

Should you invest your 401(k) cash in stocks? Target-date funds? Blended-fund investments? For those new to retirement planning, all these finance terms can sound like a foreign language. Where do you even begin?

Not to worry – for those opening up their first 401(k) accounts, you don’t have to invest in a wide range of assets. If your employer presents you with a list of options on where you can invest your retirement cash, definitely don’t feel as though you have to go with as many options as possible. Usually, keeping it simple if you’re just starting out works out well.