People make mistakes while filing taxes all the time. And it’s understandable given the fact that there are so many forms to fill and the rules keep changing, almost every year. Even the smallest errors in tax-filing can cause you to lose money, either by virtue of losing out on credit or due to interest/penalties levied due to misfiling. Therefore, the next time you’re doing your taxes, make sure to avoid these following mistakes.

1. Getting the Numbers Wrong

It’s not hard to go wrong with data entries when filing taxes. When filing paper forms, you could easily make errors with arithmetic calculations or add/subtract the wrong lines together. If you use online tax software, the chance of errors is definitely reduced, but you need to be careful nonetheless. Therefore, always file your taxes when you have the time to be thorough and meticulous. Cross check your entries and calculations at least twice and if the result doesn’t match in both attempts, undertake the entire activity again. Do not get lazy when it comes to tax-filing; it could actually cost you a lot of money.