2. Time and Hassle

Even if the victim sees the immediate loss from an identity theft as a small amount, the trouble it causes them might be much more annoying. First of all comes all the effort involved in proving an identity theft has occurred. This involves time spent speaking with the bank or credit card issuer and dealing with lawyers and law enforcement agencies.

The time needed to resolve identity theft problems can cost a highly paid professional much more than the sum actually stolen if the time lost seeing clients or customers is taken into account. In some cases, it can take over a year to take care of problems caused by identity theft.

Following an identity theft incident ,the victims usually want to change passwords and take other preventive measures. Additional measures could include taking out an identity theft insurance policy, hiring the services of a credit monitoring agency, and installing extra protective software on computers. It is also takes time to investigate which preventative options are best and new expenses are incurred improving personal data protection.