Like it or not, the credit score is used to measure financial reliability. According to FICO over a quarter of Americans have poor credit scores (under 649). They find it hard to get loans and leases, and even when they succeed the terms are far from favorable. Job prospects are also affected if potential employers discover a poor credit score. For all these reasons it is worthwhile trying one or more of these ten ways to improve a credit score.

1. Check Each Credit Report Carefully

While credit reports are compiled and printed on a computer, the human being who enters the data can err. For example, maybe a payment recorded as late was actually made on time. There is everything to gain from challenging a credit report containing inaccurate information.
Even if no errors are found it is still highly recommended to check credit report details. It doesn’t require Sherlock Holmes to discover missed or late payments, or other bad practices that bring down the score into a bad credit bracket.