It is easy to understand how convenience and security concerns place travel credit cards alongside the passport as an item that a traveler overseas should never forget. However, the issue of which travel card is best to use can be confusing. Competition amongst companies means that the customer is confronted with so many choices. Quite often no single travel credit card will meet all their requirements for low annual fees, cheap overseas transaction charges and generous point awards. .

1. Opportunities for Sign-up Bonus Hunters

Before signing up for any travel credit card it is highly recommended to compare the point bonuses on offer. The companies are at their most generous when they are trying to attract new custom. It is possible to find sign-up offers that include free bonus points that will cover most of the cost of your first flight, or maybe even a few flights. Sometimes the bonus is awarded when the customer is approved and pays the annual fee. Alternatively, a minimum amount of spending might be required.

Before rushing to sign on one of these deals it is highly advisable to check out other agreement details to make sure that the credit card company is not covering their generosity with heavy charges in another area. All the same, the size of the sign-up bonus remains a key factor influencing the choice of a frequent flier.